July 8: Lessons in Jordan

The heat of Amman has already enclosed itself around me. I feel its warmth soaking into my black long-sleeved shirt through the car’s window, but the A/C eases the heat with its cool breeze. It has been some time since I have sat in a car with an A/C and already it brings back memories of the UAE. We begin to maneuver our way out of the car park, Wael continues to speak enthusiastically over the loud shabi music blaring from the radios. “The second lesson is to play music. This is folk music!” he continues to clap away blissfully as our driver begins to pull out of the parking space. However, as is the way with life, our journey starts with a small bump. The driver of the second van with the other half of the students has lost his parking validation ticket. Our driver is hastily speaking to the other driver asking him to continue searching for the ticket or to go seek a parking attendant. We are at a standstill as we wait for the second van to find their ticket, or at least an employee of the car park. Of course, this is wishful thinking. In … Continue reading July 8: Lessons in Jordan