July 16: Amman Driving Club

Driving in Amman is an experience in and of itself, with traffic going in what appears to be multiple directions.  Just when you think your taxi is going to be hit you somehow manage to make it out alive. I think the best way to describe driving and the driving rules of Amman is organized chaos. From the outside nothing looks cohesive (in fact I don’t think I have seen more than three or four sets of traffic lights), yet there is a symbiotic relationship that takes place on the streets. In addition to the wayward driving, is the incessant honking. In Amman your horn is your mouthpiece. Amongst Arabs, communication isn’t purely verbal, it is embedded in our gestures, and in our tone. Sometimes one word has multiple meanings. The horn is a form of communication amongst drivers in Amman. In the two weeks I have been here I have managed to determine four types of meanings and tones in the horns. 1. A short one or two beeps is a warning call – signaling to pedestrians on the road that a car is in your proximity and indicating that you shouldn’t cross. There are no proper pedestrian pathways … Continue reading July 16: Amman Driving Club