July 24: Jasmine House

Just when you think you know everything about Amman, it seems to throw you a bit of a curveball. Or in this case, a hidden gem. Despite being on my to-do list, I had no idea that the Jasmine House – a cooperative dedicated to raising awareness of displaced Palestinian women also functioned as a café and a restaurant. In the hilly city of Amman, full of noise and people and a heavy Arab atmosphere, the Jasmine house offers a glimpse into a hidden European oasis. Yet at the same time it isn’t European, nor is it trying to be. Perhaps that is what is best about the Jasmine House. It isn’t trying to be anything other than a location that happens to champion for the rights of Palestinians while serving contemporary home-cooked Italian cuisine. I cannot get over their kitchen. When you enter the Jasmine house and turn right you happen upon their kitchen and dining space. It looks so inviting almost as if you stumbled upon someone’s house and they encourage you to grab a chair at the breakfast bar and eat. At the same time, there are portraits hung alongside the wall of strong Palestinian women, with … Continue reading July 24: Jasmine House