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#Goals: Beginning of the Journey

Welcome to Thousand Caminos! Thank you for stopping by ūüôā

The name Thousand Caminos is inspired by one of my favourite poems by Antonio Machado. I was introduced to the poem by my Grade. 11 Spanish teacher and it has stuck with me ever since.

Lately I have let go of the meaning of the poem – especially with how hectic and uncertain life can be. But I have decided to come back to the root of the poem and recognize that everyone’s journey starts with the first steps.

It is my hope that I can at least blog for a year and I want to give it my best shot. I have divided my blog into 3 main sections: Food, Lifestyle and Travel. These are three major passions of mine (and I am sure it is for many of you as well).

Food will explore the restaurants I try in my city (Calgary) as well as recipes that I have tested out. I like baking, so mainly they will be baked goods recipes!

Lifestyle will cover fashion & makeup which is the essence of who I am! I will  showcase my style with you and give you my thoughts and opinions on my favourite makeup items.

Travel is what my soul yearns to do! I have been blessed to have traveled to quite a few places. I hope to have some blog posts of my latest travels and show you the best places to check out! However not all of us can travel all the time (which is totally okay!). Luckily I live in a pretty awesome city where there are a lot of things to do. Part of my travel portion will include local events to check out in the city and hopefully they inspire you to check out the events in your city (or mine!).

I hope you enjoy the contents of my blog, and thank you for taking a look! Hopefully Thousand Caminos inspires you to explore Food, Lifestyle and Travel to its fullest extent. 

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