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Añejo Food Review: Tacos and Tequila in Calgary

Anejo Beef Tacos and Tequila

Beef Tacos and Pomegranate Margarita

I think I speak for many when I say tacos are a gift from the food Gods!

Over the years Calgary’s food scene has exploded with authentic Mexican restaurants serving delicious meals that are completely different from your neighbourhood Taco Bell.

While the boxed taco mix is the best kind for those days when you come home and don’t feel like making an extravagant meal – nothing quite compares to a good old corn (or flour) tortilla filled with your choice of meat, red cabbage, cilantro, jalapeños and onion.

I like my tacos full of flavour and end up pouring a bunch of the hot sauces in between every bite. Sometimes the beef and chicken tacos lack a bit flavour and can be dry at times so the sauces help. I look like a mess but the flavour pay off is worth it.

Añejo offers more than just their tacos but I am not gonna lie I normally go here whenever I feel like having tacos because I think they are honestly the best in town.

After my incident in Cuba, I don’t drink straight tequila anymore (even the thought of it makes me want to puke LOL) but I do indulge in their margaritas. Añejo has a great selection of hand crafted margaritas that incorporate tropical fruit flavours like guava and mango. And they aren’t afraid to play with spice! Some of their margaritas have a kick of habanero in them.

What is also great is how they have feature margaritas, where they experiment with different flavours. Last week I decided to try the pomegranate margarita and it was the most tastiest decision I made in my life. I am sad to see that it is only a feature cocktail and I hope they make it permanent!

Añejo offers a great selection of other dishes too, like their mole and hand made (right at your table) salsa and chips. If you aren’t in the mood for tacos then you must try the chicken mole. The flavours are incredible and the chicken is so tender and juicy! I also love the salsa. I wish they could bottle up a few jars for me to take home 😉

The restaurant offers a Halfy Hour where their tacos and tequila are half off. In the past this included their margarita drinks but not anymore (which sucks). Margaritas are on special though for $6.00 so it’s still a good deal.

If you are in the mood for some authentic Mexican food and you are unable to fly down south, then head over to Añejo. The decoration, ambiance, food and tequila are a sure fire way to give you the sense of being in Mexico but at a lesser cost!

Bar top at Anejo Restaurant

Bar at Anejo

Overall Rating: 4/5

What to get: Beef Tacos, Salsa de Molcajete, Mole Chicken 

What to drink: Pomegranate Margarita or the Mango Margarita

When to go: 3- 5 pm is half off tacos and tequila or $6 margaritas. If this isn’t incentive to go I do not know what is! Grab a patio seat during the summer

Anything else: If you aren’t getting a table early in the evening, I suggest you make reservations in advance. The place is small and popular so you wait times on the weekends can be up to 2 hours!


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